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"Absolutely Brilliant"

-  Bob Harris BBC Radio 2

"Impressive Crazy
Horse-via-REM effortlessness"

-  Mojo

Jordan Ross is a multi-instrumentalist/recording engineer who built Encomium Studios with a driving ambition to write his albums and has a place to express his creative talents. Jordan brings into his studio decades of experience to work on his new projects; drums being his first passion since the age of 4, then later guitar. Inspired by his parents, Fawn and Gordon Ross, who later gave him a new melodic paradigm, Jordan was playing chords, fingerpicking, and writing songs by the age of 10. Growing up in the small town of Grand Forks BC, He joined his first band Bacon Bitz at the age of 15 as a metal drummer. Metal influences included Pantera, Metallica, Sepultura, and Slayer. Unfortunately, a tragic event claimed the lives of 5 youths, two of them being members of the band. "Their memory will live on as a part of my roots". Jordan's next band, Perpetual Storm, would see the production of his first studio album. In his 20s he found a spot with the band Hardrive as a solo guitarist and backup vocalist. The band would thrive for 6 years just on the cusp of major success as they had a plethora of followers. There would be a modicum of cars that would follow them from town to town as they toured throughout BC. "I remember the first time a doorman called me out of a long line up and said hey you're in Hardrive, you can go in. I grabbed 5 strangers and said they were with me. I felt like a king. That was the first time I didn't feel invisible". But untamed and out of control the band eventually came to an end. Jordan decided to go back to his roots and build his studio skill set, where he would join the Carson Highway band. Now working his way as frontman, the band would have fun playing at every opportunity they got for 4 years. Wanting to expand on his education and studio skills, including green screening/videography/mixing/mastering, Jordan focused on building Encomium Studios into what it is today. This would see solo projects and new clientele albums come to life in the studio. His most recent project would see Him and his sister Shelly Gallop, collaborate to form the band Of Faith And Fire and the production of their first album Shades Of Blue, with a second album in the works.



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